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Our capabilities

In addition to our main task, carpet cleaning, we are also professionally represented in other areas. Our services are different and still have one thing in common: they are reliable!
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carpet cleaning

Carpet is a general term but there are many differencies between them. Depending on the material and dimensions, it is necessary to go through an individual cleaning program. In addition, the degree of pollution is crucial. Our professionally trained team with years of experience will be happy to help you.

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Carpet Repair

Sometimes it is difficult for you to separate things from the house. Sometimes it is a gift from people who are no longer there, sometimes it is memories, which are related to the objects and therefore a separation is not questionable. The frayed or even torn carpet does not look nice. Talk to us, we also repair!

Carpet sales

We sell carpets of well-known manufacturers. You are welcome to visit our Onlineshop. Our wide assortment also has something for you, whether it is children, sleeping, living or sleeping. We help you.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery furniture is also exposed to constant loads and soiling. How do you clean your heavy and large upholstery furniture? We know how. Individually, we will decide together whether cleaning on site is possible. Otherwise, we will pick up your upholstery furniture – no problem for our fleet!

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Mattress and blanket cleaning

Especially for allergy sufferers who can not sleep due to house dust mites, a regular cleaning of the mattresses and blankets is recommended. After cleaning you can sleep again at rest and especially in freshness. Best prerequisite for a good start into the new day.

Professional Car Care

You would like to sell your vehicle but intensive cleaning is required? Or do you have spots that you could not remove? We certainly have a solution for you.

Matservice and cleaning

For private and commercial purposes, we have a range of mats and foot mats. Whether it is a cleaning, a new purchase or perhaps a temporary rent? You can get all this with us!


In order to be able to grow further and to cross our borders in the sense of the word, we are looking for partners who would like to work with us. For more information, please visit our franchise page.

Do you have a fixed carpet or heavy furniture that you can not pre-load or which can not be picked up? No problem! Then we come to you and make a non-binding offer. Use the button for the first e-mail contact or call us. The number can be found at the end of this page.

Who we are

We know what we do and that makes us unique!

With our years of experience and the technical possibilities, we clean your carpets, upholstery furniture and more without problems. Your satisfaction is our reference. Ask for your individual offer and benefit from different possibilities. Secure our customer card and as a thank you there is 20% on your first order sum. We are happy to pick up your carpets at home. However, if you decide to bring your carpets by yourself, we grant a further 10%. By working closely with our customers, we let you decide how costly your cleaning should be. Thanks to this close cooperation you can already benefit from 30% discount. what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our versatile contact possibilities and bring your familiar freshness into your four walls. We make it possible. Your carpet cleaning in Dortmund

  • will provide you with 20% discount

  • No problem! There is a further 10% discount

  • 100%! With us there is no empty promise, but facts!

  • 100%, because if you do not like something, we clean again. Of course free of charge!

Davidisstraße 40, 44143 Dortmund

Teppichreinigung Dortmund

Our team

Our family-run and its established team will help you. We speak German and Turkish.

M. Bayrak

Managing Director and Sales
“For us, customer satisfaction is only achieved when the customer comes back and rewards us to others.”

I. Balkaymak

Quality Control
“Before the carpet is delivered to the customer, we go through a strict quality control. If something happens, we can react quickly.”

E. Güzelyurt

“For some, it is just a cleaning – for me, it’s a passion, my job is to create invoices and grant discounts :)”

C. Öztunç

Head of cleaning department
“In order to meet deadlines, processes have to be very well planned, you have to install buffers for improvisations and only promise what you can do – that’s what I do.”

What our customers say

We would also like to publish your opinion. It is enough if you write down your wish in your message.

CARPET / DIMENSION 0,80 X 1,50 0,80 X 3,00 1,20 X 1,70 1,60 X 2,30 2,00 X 3,00
Masch. Shaggy & Wool 7,00 14,00 12,00 22,00 35,00
woven & Sisal 12,00 24,00 20,00 36,40 59,40
Orient & Nepal 16,70 33,40 28,35 51,15 83,40
Berber 19,00 38,00 32,40 58,50 95,40
machines silk 20,30 40,60 34,50 62,20 101,40
Hand knotted silk 30,00 60,00 51,00 92,00 149,00
last update: 25/07/2017, Prices in EURO

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